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Highly Customized Production Line base on Products
The field of non-alcoholic beverages covers wide ranges of beverages and product types. If described simply, non-alcoholic beverages are beverages without any alcohol content. Some beverages may contain very small proportion of alcohol content due to ingredients used in the production or natural fermentation.
The diversity and complicity of non-alcoholic beverages make this topic extremely challenging when planning, designing, and managing a production line. The turnkey lines for non-alcoholic beverages are unique and are specifically designed to achieve demands.
YUH-FENG Provides the Top Solution
Our years of practical experience and engineering knowledge enabled our engineering team to encounter wide range of typical non-alcoholic beverages such as vinegar, soy source, chicken essence and energy drinks. Active production lines in the field have enabled us to offer you field proven technology and solution for your needs and valuable product. Production scale ranging from 4200 to 12000 containers per hour is available for your choice.
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