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Professional Engineer Team's Plan and Combination
Water is the most important resources on earth and over the centuries human beings have continued to seek effective way to gain access to hygienic water. Nowadays, most of us have fewer worries about gaining access to clean water. However, the journey to seek for water has come to a completely new level and standard.
Benefits for Bottled Water
Consumers demanded for much safer, health orientated and hygienic water especially mineral water. Bottling mineral water in a hygienic process requires deep understanding of process engineering and micro-biological safety control.
YUH-FENG Provides the Top Solution
If you are looking for a solution to bottle water in a hygienic and cost-effective way, we have the state of art technology and equipment to bring your dreams to reality. Throughout the years, we have constantly looking for new methods to bottle water in the most hygienic way in both PET and glass container. Whether is well water, distill water, ground water, spring water or mineral water, we make sure they are hygienically bottled while maintaining its original purity and natural taste. Our expertise in the field enabled us to offer flexible and complete turnkey solution for the production requirements ranging from 4200 to 36000 containers per hour in PET containers.
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