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Specially Design for High Quality Juice Production
The demands for fresh fruit juice have ever been greater, million bottles of fruit juice are produced each day due to rise of popularity among end customers. Fruits juice is often consumed for its potential benefits to human health and the nutrition contents in the raw fruits are essential to every single human being. The production of fruit juice requires sophisticated technology and strong know-how in the field. The sugar content in the fruit juice may leads to bacteria growth on any surfaces that have been in contact with the fruit juice during production, therefore it is important that both CIP and SIP process are performed correctly and sufficiently after daily production routine.
Key Factor for Bottled Juice
With the modern beverage production technology, almost every commonly known fruit can be turned into bottled juice. However, since fruits are natural ingredients, and the flavor of individual fruit may be affected easily by weather, temperature, and soil conditions. The challenge in producing bottled fruit juice is heavily relied on the technology to maintaining the flavor and nutrition content in the row fruit juice after series of pre-treatment.
YUH-FENG Provides the Top Solution
This is the challenges that our engineers have been dealing with for a long time and we do have the absolute confidence in offering you the most suitable solution to your production floor, whether you are looking for ways to produce hygienic fruit juice in PET or glass containers. Our carefully designed and manufactured equipment are there to do the job for you whether you are intended to install the machine as a standalone monobloc or a complete production line. Typical production scale may range from 4200 to 30000 containers per hour.
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